About Gordon

A little about me

I am a husband that has a love affair with golf.

As a young boy I fell in love with this game. Now I live my dream every day by teaching others to play better golf. I may sneak nine in as well.

I have gone through numerous training programs as in pertains to golf instruction. I have a wide mix of students, from teaching beginners how to hit a draw to college students winning amateur events. I don’t reinvent the wheel, I work with what you have, and make you a better player.

Golf swing and golf instruction are two different things. My students learn the proper mechanics, course management, and proper practice routines.

Some Cool Facts

Numbers Speak For Themselves

Satisfied Students and counting
Years of Experience
Lessons taught and counting

Here are some snippets from past and current students. I can't claim their success as my own, but these kind words keep me motivated everyday.

Brendon Dillon

The best thing I ever did for my pro career as have Gordon help me improve me swing. The year after working with him I had 2 pro wins, 5-7+ mph club head speed, learning the perfect knuckle cut for high winds. My swing is now apart of my walk around the course, it’s more repeatable than ever before.


Matt Droppo

Working with Gord last year I went from a 12.5 to a 5 index. I went from being frustrated on the greens to knocking down clutch putts regularly. Working with Gord is having a coach, not seeing an instructor. If you want to take golf seriously Gordon is as good as you’ll find in BC.

Dylan Prasad

Gordon helped me improve from a 15 Handicap to a scratch player in a year and a half. He is the reason I am playing college golf and that my scoring average in tournaments went from 88 to 75 right when I was applying for post secondary golf scholarships which was key! Gordon has taught me so much about the swing that will help me for the rest of my golf life.

Got a slice? Lets fix that and let the right trees be.