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About Gordon

A true student of the game

I have spent the majority of my adult life chasing knowledge as it relates to golf. I have lived in the desert, taken instructional training in Hawaii and now am a certified member of the PGA of Canada. I pride myself in the wide breadth of knowledge my travels has culminated in.

I may have gone through many trials and hardships in golf, but that doesn’t mean you have to. I am here to pass down all the valuable lessons I have learned to get your game some serious gains.


From private adult lessons to junior camps, professional to beginner, we have you covered.

Looking to improve your game, lower your scores or get a fresh take on course management. 

Group lessons are a cost effective way for students to get quality instruction at lower rates, all the while learning together.

If you are looking to climb the ranks of junior and amateur golf in hopes of gaining a scholarship, look no further.

I am here every step of the way to make sure you shoot lower scores and play better golf. Start making your golf gainz.


Just some of my students gainz.

Dylan has been a rewarding student to work with. As a coach it is beyond rewarding to see your students fulfill their dreams. In Dylan’s case, it was playing college golf.

Dylan is a relativity new student, proving to make some very quick gainz. Current Junior Champion at McCleery, with more wins coming in 2020 I am sure.

A long time friend and student, Brendan Dillon adds a high level to my coaching portfolio. With an increase of 7 MPH swing speed and two professional wins.

Interested in lower scores? Inquire now.